2018 Resolutions

18-01 Appointing Member to Economic Growth Committee
18-02 Adopting Green Master Plan
18-03 Issuance of PO RJ Behar CEI Manta Drive
18-04 Adopting Traffic Calming Master Plan
18-05 Issuance of ITB 18-01 Saga Bay 1.2 Project
18-06 Resolution-Visualscape Fourth Contract Amendment
18-07 State of Florida Contract-Microsoft Office
18-08 MDC Film Permitting Interlocal Agreement
18-09 Request to Rename SW 211th Street
18-10 Issuance of PO Marlin Engingeering CEI SW 100 Ave
18-11 Issuance of PO Stantec Ingraham Ave
18-12 Supporting SB 688 and HB 243 Surtax Proceeds
18-13 Adopting Paid Parental Leave Policy
18-14 Issuance of ITB Franjo Park Restoration
18-15 Appointing Member to Economic Growth Committee
18-16 Issuance of General Obligation Bonds
18-17 Accepting 2018 Neat Street Grant
18-18 Issuance Of RFQ Architectual Services
18-19 Issuance of PO to Stantec Design SRTS Gulfstream
18-20 Urging NOAA Fisheries Remain On Virginia Key
18-21 Award of ITB 17-10 Manta Drive
18-22 MDCPS Internship Cooperative Agreement
18-23 Issuance of RFP Agent-Broker for Insurance Services
18-24 Firearms Preemption Lawsuit
18-25 Gun Law Reform
18-26 Issuance of PO RJ Behar CEI Saga Bay 1.2
18-27 Issuance of PO Stantec Franjo Park Lighting
18-28 Approving Cutler Bay Fund Grants-1Qtr 2018
18-29 Award of ITB 17-08 SW 100 Ave
18-30 Ratifying Manger Execution of PSA Mad 4 Marketing
18-31 Supporting IACP 2018 Legislative Positions On Gun Control
18-32 Issuance of ITB Canoe Kayak Launch
18-33 Speed Limit Reduction Along SW 87 Ave
18-34 CB Opposing SR-836 Extension
18-35 Joining Seawall Coalition
18-36 Supporting Net Neutrality
18-37 Award of ITB 18-01 Saga Bay 1.2
18-38 Accepting FEMA Grant Award - Hurricane Irma
18-39 Appointing Member to Parks and Recreation Committee
18-40 Approving Dade County Fed Credit Union Sign Variance
18-41 Approving 1622 Investment Corp Frontage Variance
18-42 Approving 1622 Investment Corp Front Setbacks Variance
18-43 Approving 1622 Investment Corp Rear Setbacks Variance
18-44 Approving 1622 Investment Corp Achitecture Variance
18-45 Approving 1622 Investment Corp Off Street Variance
18-46 Approving 1622 Investment Corp Landscaping Variance
18-47 Accepting Childrens Trust Grant-Summer STEM
18-48 Issuance of PO Envirowaste Neighborhood Resurfacing
18-49 Approving Stormwater Charges Agreement
18-50 Calling Special Election for Charter Amendments
18-51 Opposing Federal Government Zero Tolerance Policy

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