2017 Resolutions

17-01 Accepting 2017 Bike-Ped Safety Enforcement Grant
17-02 Accepting 2017 County Byrne Grant
17-03 Small Cities CDBG Grant Submittal
17-04 Reaffirming and Appointing Town Committees
17-05 Amending Youth Council Resolution 13-62
17-06 Amending Agenda Order and Format
17-07 Appointment to Youth Council Committee
17-08 Issuance of PO to R.J. Behar-SRTS
17-09 Intergovernmental Agreement- MDTPWD
17-10 Issuance of RFP 17-03 Utility Invoice Auditing Services
17-11 FDOT Maintenance Agreement
17-12 Opposing FDEP Water Quality Criteria
17-13 Supporting Principles of Inclusion
17-14 Coastal Wetlands Project Phase II
17-15 Appointing Members to Parks and Recreation Committee
17-16 Supporting MDCPS Legislative Program
17-17 Opposing Heavier and Longer Tractor-Trailers
17-18 Accepting 2017 Neat Street Grant
17-19 Accepting 2017 State Byrne Grant
17-20 Supporting Transgender Students
17-21 Supporting Animal Abuser Registry
17-22 2017-18 MDCPS Equipment Request
17-23 Amending Reso 16-54 Outdoor Fitness Equipment
17-24 Issuance of ITB Bus Shelters Phase I
17-25 Award of RFP 17-01 Tree Planting
17-26 Award of RFP 17-02 Tree Trimming
17-27 Issuance of RFP Town Center HVAC
17-28 Appointment to Floodplain Mitigation Committee
17-29 Opposing Florida House Bill 17
17-30 Consumer Price Index
17-31 Accepting Childrens Trust Grant-Summer STEM
17-32 Supporting MDCLC Reso 2017-1 SMART Plan
17-33 Piggy Back Disaster Debris Monitoring Services
17-34 Authorizing Town Manager to Negotiate and Issue PO Town Plaza Plans
17-35 Town Clerk Agreement
17-36 Mater Academy Modifification of Conditional Use
17-37 Accepting FDEP Grant-Canoe-Kayak Launch
17-38 Authorizing Issuance of RFQ-General Planning Services
17-39 Award of ITB Safe Routes to School
17-40 Issuance of PO to Marlin Engineering for Canoe Kayak Project
17-41 Approving National Pollutant Discharge (NPDES) Interlocal
17-42 Approving Sochin Plaque Placement
17-43 Creating Position of Deputy Town Clerk
17-44 Supporting Paris Agreement
17-45 Canal Maintenance Interlocal Agreement
17-46 Issuance of ITB 17-07 CBMS Sidewalk Connectivity
17-47 Issuance of PO Envirowaste Neighborhood Resurfacing
17-48 Issuance of PO Visualscape Tree Planting
17-49 Issuance of PO Visualscape Tree Trimming
17-50 Ratifying Bid Waiver Miami Maps Inc
17-51 Granting Final Plat Approval FP-2017-008
17-52 Urging Rail on South Dade Transitway
17-53 Dedicating Butterfly Garden
17-54 Appointing Member to Economic Growth Committee
17-55 Appointing Member to Education Advisory Committee
17-56 Accepting FY17 Cultural Affairs Grant
17-57 Accepting 2017-18 Florida DJJ Grant
17-58 Authorizing Issuance of RFP-Janitorial Services
17-59 Approving NJPA Agreement
17-60 FY 2017-18 Proposed Millage Rate
17-61 MDCITD Interlocal Agreement
17-62 Tentative Millage Rate-First Hearing 2017-18
17-63 Tentative Budget Summary-First Hearing 2017-18
17-64 Award of RFP 17-03 Utility Invoice Auditing
17-65 Issuance of ITB 17-08 SW 100 Ave Stormwater Project
17-66 Adopting Complete Streets Master Plan
17-67 Confirming State of Emergency-Hurricane Irma
17-68 Approving Saga Bay Single Basketball Court
17-69 Approving MDCPS Easement Agreement
17-70 FDEP Grant Agreement-SW 100 Ave Stormwater Retrofit
17-71 Approving 2017 Forestry Grant Submittal-LBTB Park
17-72 Award of ITB 17-04 Townwide Bus Shelters
17-73 FDEP Grant-Saga Bay Stormwater Improvement
17-74 Extending AMEC Prof Services Agreement
17-75 Issuance of PO to AMEC-Watershed Master Plan
17-76 Appointing Member to Community for a Lifetime Committee
17-77 Accepting AARP Community Challenge Grant
17-78 Final Millage Rate-Second Hearing 2017-18
17-79 Final Budget Summary-Second Hearing 2017-18
17-80 Zoning in Progress Medical Marijuana
17-81 Approving Discounted Permit Fees-Hurricane Irma
17-82 Issuance of PO to KHA Town Center Plaza
17-83 Approving Town Manager Employment Agreement
17-84 Harley Davidson Sign Area Variance
17-85 Harley Davidson Sign Height Variance
17-86 Award of RFP 17-09 Janitorial Maintenance Services
17-87 FDOT LAP Agreement-Manta Drive
17-88 Issuance of ITB Manta Drive Roadway Project
17-89 Issuance of PO to Envirowaste Services Group Inc
17-90 Issuance of PO VisualScape Stump Removal
17-91 Appointing Member to Youth Council Committee
17-92 Appointing Charter Revision Commission
17-93 Appointing Member to Education Advisory Committee
17-94 Ratifying Phillips and Jordan PO-Hurricane Irma
17-95 Ratifying DRC PO-Hurricane Irma
17-96 Issuance of PO Visualscape Tree Leaners-Irma
17-97 Issuance of PO Envirowaste Sidewalk Repairs
17-98 Issuance of PO Visualscape Tree Limb Hangers
17-99 Supporting MDCPS 2018 Legislative Program
17-100 Workforce Housing Legislative Findings
17-101 Award of RFQ 17-06 General Planning Services
17-102 Award of ITB 17-07 CBMS Sidewalks
17-103 FY 2016-17 Budget Amendment
17-104 Approving Ballpark Maint Inc-LBTB Baseball Fields
17-105 Approving Discounted Permit Fees-Solar Panels
17-106 Supporting SW 87 Ave Bridge

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