2015 Resolutions

15-01  Accepting FDLE# FY2015 Byrne Grant
15-02  Issuance of PO Envirowaste - Phase IV Resurfacing
15-03  Issuance of RFP 15-02 Emergency Debris Removal Services
15-04  Issurance of ITB 15-01 SW 212 Street Drainage Improvements
15-05  FDOT LAP Agreement SW 212 St Project
15-06  Approving Park Use Agreements
15-07  Approving 2015 Legislative Items
15-08  Support Ludlam Trail
15-09  Appointing Parks and Recreation Committee Members
15-10  Appointing Youth Council Committee Members
15-11  appointing Education Advisory Committee Members
15-12  Appointing Community for a Lifetime Committee Members
15-13  Interlocal Agreement for Local Police Services
15-14  Appointing Parks and Recreation Committee Member
15-15  Amending 06-97 Appointing Council Member Coriat as Liason to Parks and Recreation Committee
15-16  Issuance of RFQ # 15-04 Town Center Property Management Firm
15-17  Issuance of RFQ 15-03
15-18  Appointment of Interim Town Clerk
15-19  Issuance of RFQ 15-03 Town Aquatic Facility Conceptual Plans Design
15-20 Issuance of RFP 15-08 Tax Exempt and Taxable Loan Services
15-21 Issuance of RFQ 15-06 Town Conceptual Plans Design and Cost Estimate Services
15-22 Authorizing Town Manager to Issue PO to Marlin Engineering
15-23 Authorizing Town Manager to Issue PO to R.J. Behar, Inc
15-24 Renaming Lakes by the Bay Linear Park to Blue Heron Park
15-25 Requesting Changes to Floridas Accountability Assessment System
15-26 Urging MPO to Undertake Study of South Dade Busway
15-27 Relating to Adoption of Revised Floodplain Mitigation Plan
15-28 Authorizing the Town Manager to Submit a Grant Application with the State of Florida
15-29 Selecting AJP Management Group LLC for Property Management Services
15-30 Selecting SIME Realty Corporation for Leasing Consultant Services
15-31 Authorizing the Issuance of a RFP for Property Liability and Casualty Insurance
15-32 Authorizing the Town Manager to Issue a PO to Segway Inc
15-33 Authorizing the Town Manager to Issue a PO to Don Reid Ford Inc
15-34 Support for the Feasibility and Advisability of Providing Locations to Serve as Safe Havens in MDC
15-35 Authorizing the Issuance of Sales Tax Revenue Refunding Notes of the Town of Cutler Bay
15-36 Selecting TD Bank NA for Banking Services reduced
15-37 Creating the Economic Growth Committee
15-38 Approving Phillips Jordan Inc and DRC Emergency Services Inc for Emergency Debris Removal Services
15-39 Selecting Acosta Tractors Inc for the Construction of SW 212 St Drainage Improvements
15-40 Adopting 2015 Local Mitigation Strategy
15-41 Authorizing Amendment to Contract with Acosta Tractor Inc
15-42 First Amendment to KHA Caribbean Blvd CEI Services
15-43 Issuance of PO to Stantec Carib Gap 1
15-44 Accepting Dristracted Driving Prevention Grant
15-45 Revising Town Council Agenda Format
15-46 Selecting Mullings Engineering for Purchase and Installation of Sod
15-47 Approving Childrens Trust Contract
15-48 Proposed Millage Rate
15-49 Appointing Economic Growth Advisory Committee Members
15-50 Appointing Youth Council Committee Member to fill vacancy
15-51 Approving Visualscape Contract Amendment
15-52 Issuance of PO to Suncoast Nursery
15-53 Selecting Florida League of Cities for PLC Insurance
15-54 Issuance of RFQ 15-12 HVAC Equipment and Controls
15-55 Approving LAP Agreement Safe Routes to School Program
15-56 Approving 2nd Amendment to JPA Caribbean Blvd
15-57 Approving Virtus Charter School Conditional Use Amended
15-58 Adopting Tentative Millage Rate
15-59 Adopting Tentative Operating Capital Outlay Budget
15-60 Accepting Fiscal Year 2015 JAG Grant
15-61 Selecting Wolfberg Alvarez for Aquatic Facility Conceptual Plans Design
15-62 Issuance of RFQ 15-11 SRTS Design Services -Cutler Bay Middle
15-63 Issuance of RFP 15-13 Disaster Debris Monitoring Services
15-64 Supporting Surfside Reso No2282 Regarding Excavated Sand
15-65 Issuance of Purchase Order to FGSS Inc
15-66 Adopting Final Millage Rate
15-67 Adopting Final Operating Capital Outlay Budget
15-68 Town Clerk Appointment
15-69 Appointing Youth Council Committee
15-70 Supporting Solar Power and Solar Choice
15-71 Issuance of Envirowaste PO - Sidewalk Repairs
15-72 Award of RFQ 15-06 Town Center Plaza Conceptual Plans Design & Cost Estimate Services
15-73 2015 Copier Lease Services and Supplies
15-74 Supporting Miami Dade Connection 2.0
15-75 Approving Cutler Bay Fund Grants
15-76 Accepting FY 2015 Urban and Community Forestry Grant
15-77 Supporting EPA Clean Power Plan Rule
15-78 Approving FY 2014-2015 Budget Amendments
15-79 Supporting Miami Tiger Beetle Designation
15-80 Approving Revised Town Managers Employment Agreement

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