2014 Resolutions

14-01  Authorizing the Town Manager to enter into an Agreement with Florida Sidewalks Solutions
14-02  Providing for Reimbursement of the General Fund from Park Impact Fees
14-03  Authorizing the Town Manager to enter into an Eductional Compact Agreement with MDCPS
14-04  Urging Florida's Turnpike Enterprise to Increase Public Engagement
14-05  Amending Reso 07-41 by Changing Name of Charter School Committee to Education Advisory Committee
14-06  Authorizing the Issuance of an RFP for Street Sweeping Services
14-07  Approving an Agreement with Envirowaste Services Group
14-08  Approving Park Use Agreements between Local Youth Sports Organizations and the Town
14-09  Approving an Amendment to Valleycrest Landscape Maintenance Agreement
14-10  Authorizing the Town Manager to Issue PO to Marlin Engineering
14-11  Authorizing the Issuance of RFQ for Financial Advisory Services
14-12  Amending Resolution 08-29 Town Council Travel Policy
14-13  Authorizing the Town Manager to Negotiate a Master Equity Lease Agreement with Enterprise Fleet Management
14-14  Approving an Agreement with Bergeron Emergency Services for Emergency Debris Removal Services
14-15  Authorizing the Town Manager to Submit a Grant Application
14-16  Proclaiming the month of March as Bike305 Month
14-17  Support HB 581-Flood Insurance
14-18  Supporting Efforts to Reduce gun violence and illegal trafficking in fire arms
14-19  GOB Baypoint Property
14-20  Approving Conditional Use to Permit Educational Facility Use in Southland Mall
14-21  Urging Florida Legislature to pass Statewide Wage Theft Law during 2014 Session
14-22  Authorizing ITB for Miscellaneous Roadway and Drainage Improvements
14-23  Authorizing the Issuance of an RFP for Professional Auditing Services
14-24  Selecting Delaware Elevator of Florida, Inc. for Elevator Modernization and Maintenance Services
14-25  Settlement Agreement with Citizens Awareness Foundation
14-26  Approving a Variance application for El Dorado Plaa to Permit 4 Wall Signs
14-27  Approving a Variance Application for Signage for El Dorado to Permit 2 Wall Signs
14-28  Approving a Variance Application for Signage for El Dorado Plaza to Permit a 123 Square Foot Wall Sign
14-29  Approving the Rquest of Destiny Buldings to Permit a 69,525 Square Foot Mixed-Use Project
14-30  Selecting Suncoast Nursery & Tiki Huts, Inc. for Streetscape Trees
14-31  Approving Townwide Sidewalk Repairs Envirowaste Purchase Order
14-32  Authorizing Issuance of RFQ Professional Engineering Services
14-33  Selecting Envirowaste for catch basin maintenance
14-34  Approving covenant for Maintenance Agreement Old Cutler Road
14-35  Approving SFM for Street Sweeper Services
14-36  Ratifying Grant Agreement with DEP for installation of Canoe-kayak launch
14-37  Approving Amendment to Flood Mitigation Grant Agreement
14-38  Expressing Opposition to Palmetto Expressway Project
14-39  Urging MD County Commissioners to Fund Library System
14-40  Urging MD County to fund Pets Trust
14-41  Lobbyist Code of Ethics
14-42  Approving Town Clerk Agreement
14-43  Variance for Signage El Dorado Plaza
14-44  Selecting the PFM Group for Financial Advisory Services
14-45  Selecting Dominica Recreation Products, Inc. for Installation of Playground Equipment
14-46  Authorizing the Town Manager to Execute an Amendment to PSA with Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.
14-47  Providing the Employee Contributions to FRF are paid by the Town
14-48  Authorizing the Town Masnager to Issue a PO to Envirowaste Services Group Inc.
14-49  Approving Contract Between Children's Trust and the Town for After School Program at Cutler Ridge Park
14-50  Approving the Contract between the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice and the Town of Cutler Bay
14-51  Selecting Alberni Caballero and Company LLP for Professional Auditing Services
14-52  Urging the US Secretary of State to Interneve and Secure Prompt Release of US Marine Reserve Sergeant
14-53  Proposed Millage Rate
14-54  Approving a Second Amendment to Declaration of Restrictive Covenants in Lieu of Unity of Title by Southland Mall Properties LLC
14-55  Adopting 2010 Miami-Dade County Mitigation Strategy
14-56  Approving Agreement with Envirowaste Service Group
14-57  Authorizing Town Manager to Enter into Internship Cooperative AGreement with MDC Public Schools
14-58  Accepting Fiscal Year 2014 JAS Grant
14-59  Appointing Advisory Committee Members to Youth Council Committee
14-60  Opposing Development of Pine Rockland Locatedwithin Unincorporated MDC
14-61  Adopting the Tentative Millage Rate
14-62  Adopting the Tentative Operating and Capital Outlay Budget
14-63  Approving Qualifications of Firms to Provide Professional Engineering Services
14-64  Approving a Site Plan for Coco Bay, LLC
14-65  Adopting the Final Millage Rate
14-66  Adopting the Final Operating and Capital Outlay Budget
14-67  Issuance of Purchase Order - Envirowaste Sidewalks
14-68  Accepting Fiscal Year 2014 Forestry Grant
14-69  Accepting FDEP SO744-Centennial Drainage Project
14-70  Fiscal Year 2013-14 Budget Amendments
14-71  Adopting 2014-19 Strategic Master Plan
14-72  Adopting Transportation MasterPlan
14-73  Adopting Floodplain Mitigation Plan
14-74  2014 Election Certification
14-75  Sea Level Rise
14-76  Water Trolley Service
14-77  Coco Bay LLC Final Plat


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