2012 Resolutions

12-01  Economic Developmet Council
12-02  Reject Gambling, Destination Casino
12-03  Signage Olive Garden
12-04  Creating Community for a Lifetime
12-05  Prohibiting Snake Sales
12-06  Miami Foundation, Inc. Going Green
12-07  Valleycrest Landscape
12-08  Lakes by the Bay Zero Frontage
12-09  Revised Site Plan - Lakes by the Bay
12-10  12-10 Earth Day
12-11  Corradino Group
12-12  Appoint Advisory Committee Mem Comm of Lifetime
12-13  Vision Internet Providers, Web Design
12-14  Grant of Easement Water and Sewage
12-15  JA & M Development Side Walk Repairs
12-16  Write Express Services Fuel Card
12-17  REPLAT Approval Lakes by the Bay
12-18  Medicinal Use of Marijuana
12-19  PO Envirowaste Phase 1 Roadway Resurfacing
12-20  Playground Equipment Lakes by the Bay
12-21  Reconfiguration Cutler Ridge Middle and Centennial
12-22  PACE
12-23  Read and Learn Campaign Children's Trust
12-24  Employment Agreement Steven Alexander
12-25  Consulting Services Agreement Steven Alexander
12-26  Interim Manager Rafael Casals
12-27  Audit Agreement Alberni Caballero & Co., LLP
12-28  Geographical Info System Professional SVC.
12-29  Suncoast Nursery & Tiki Huts, Inc Live Oak Trees
12-30  Whispering Pines July 4th
12-31  Proposal for Charter Ammendments
12-32  Groundkeepers, Inc to General Mow, LLC
12-33  C.A.P. Government, Inc
12-34  Time and Dateof Budget Hearing filed with MD
12-35  Flood Mitigation Grant
12-36  MD League of Cities Surtax Interlocal Agreement
12-37  Interlocal Agreement Co-Permitees National Pollutant
12-38  Vacancy Community of a Lifetime
12-39  5 YR Interlocal Agreement Stormwater
12-40  PO Dell, Inc
12-41  RFQ Janitorial maintenance Services
12-42  Disposable Bags and Recycable Bags
12-43  PACE District Board
12-44  Final RePlat approval Lakes by the Bay
12-45  Appointing Town Clerk D Eastman
12-46  Amended Promissory Note, Amortization Schedules
12-47  School Improvement
12-48  Final Millage Rate
12-49  Final Budget and Auth Manager to make Amendments
12-50  Revising Budget 2011-2012
12-50A GIS Services Agreement with TCB and Ross GIS Consulting, Inc
12-51  Approving Conditional Use Application for PHIT LLC DBA Crossfit React
12-52  Granting Final Plat Approval for CB City Furniture
12-53  Approving Appeal of Administrative Decision for City Furniture Site Plan
12-54  Copier Lease ( Large Capacity )
12-55  Janitorial Maintenance Services
12-56  Authorize RFQ for Flood Mitigation Plan
12-57  JA & M Developing Corp Sidewalk repairs
12-58  Supporting MD County Schools Capital Bond
12-59  Interlocal Film and Entertainment
12-60  Amending Budget 2011-2012
12-61  2012 Transportation Enhancement Grant Program
12-62  Official Results of Election 2012
12-63  Creating Youth Council Committee
12-64  Adopting Mission Statement
12-65  Copier Lease
12-66  Purchase Order for Envirowaste Services
12-67  Appoint Advisory Comm Member Parks & Recreation
12-68  Approving Site Plan Caribe Cutler Bay Estates II
12-69  Approving Site Plan Caribe Cutler Bay Estates III
12-70  Revised Site Plan Point Shopping Center
12-71  Variance App for Point Royale Shopping Center

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