2009 Resolutions

09-01  RF for Government ERP Software
09-02  Adoption of Street Tree Master Plan
09-03  Amending Gomez Barker Contract
09-04  ITB for Replacement and installation of Sidewalks
09-05  ITB for Roadway Resurfacing and Drainage Improvements
09-06  ITB for Street Sweeper Services
09-07  RFP for Vehicle Maintenance
09-08  RFP for Federal Lobbyist Services
09-09  Accepting Grant from Florida Dept. of Emergency Management
09-10  Granting Waiver for 8420 SW 197 St and 19781 SW 84 Ct
09-11  Site Plan Approval for Costa Brava
09-12  ITB for Cutler Ridge Elementary Area Roadway and Drainage Improvements
09-13  ITB for Saga Bay Drainage Basins 1.3 and 1.4 roadway
09-14  Repealing the Communications Committee
09-15  Adopting Parks Master Plan
09-16  Planning and Zoning Fee Schedule
09-17  Wi-Fi Services for Cutler Ridge Park
09-18  LAP Certification
09-19  Urging Congress to Fund Biscayne Bay Coastal Wetlands Projects
09-20  Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy
09-21  Adoption of Comprehensive Roadway and Sidewalk Assessment
09-22  RFP for Landscaping Maintenance Services
09-23  Appointing Federal Lobbyist Alcalde & Fay
09-24  Supporting 2009 Earth Hour
09-25  Opposing the FPL Transmission Lines along US1
09-26  Charter Amendment for Specialized Police Services and Qualifying Period
09-27  FDLE Grant
09-28  Approving Contract with Alcalde and Fay
09-29  Approving JA&M for Replacement and Installation of Sidewalks
09-30  Approving EPS for Street Sweeper Service
09-31  Approving Envirowaste Services for Roadway and Misc. drainage
09-32  Approving Williams Paving Co for Roadway and Drainage Cutler Ridge Elementary
09-33  Purchase of Vehicle Duval Ford
09-34  Purchase of Vehicles Saturn of Sebring
09-35  Agreement with Groundskeeper for Phase II
09-36  Cone of Silence Opt-out
09-37  Opposing Senate Bill 360
09-38  Auto Electric Service for Vehicle Repair
09-39  Tasco Plumbing for Saga Bay Area
09-40  Kimley Horn Agreement for Cutler Ridge Phase Services
09-41  ITB for Roadway Resurfacing funding provided by ARRA
09-42  Interlocal Agreement for Bus Shelters and ADA Compliant Sidewalks
09-43  Amending Towns Comprehensive Parks Master Plan
09-44  Superior Landscape and Lawn Service RFP 09-09
09-45  Kimley Horn Agreement for Saga Bay Drainage
09-46  Tyler Technologies EDEN
09-47  Interlocal Agreement for Lakes by the Bay Park
09-48  Certifying Special Election June 25, 2009
09-49  Approval of Tentative Millage and Budget Hearings
09-50  Saga Bay Playground Structure
09-51  Surplus Property
09-52  Town's Participation in the Energy Economic Zone Pilot Program
09-53  MOU for Commercial Recycling Program
09-54  PO for Marlin Engineering
09-55  Grant Writing Services for Broadband Technology Grant
09-56  Traffic Circle at Carribbean Blvd and SW 192 Dr
09-57  Chain Link Fence along Bike Path
09-58  Encumbering Budgeted Funds for Bicycle Event
09-59  State Ban on Text Messaging while Operating a Motor Vehicle
09-60  Change Order for Recreational Design
09-61  Grant Funding SNP for Parks Projects
09-62  John Deere Purchase for Utility Vehicle
09-63  Florida PSC Decision on Disclosing Top Executive Salaries
09-64  Height Variance for East Ridge Retirement Village (37 Feet)
09-65  Height Variance for East Ridge Retirement Village (3 Stories)
09-66  Sign Variance for East Ridge Retirement Village (Directional Sign)
09-67  Adopting the Final Millage Rate for 2009-2010
09-68  Adopting the Final Operating Budget 2009-2010
09-69  East Ridge Site Plan Approval
09-70  Children's Trust for After School Program
09-71  RFQ for Design-Build Services
09-72  Grant Matching for Bel Aire Park and Saga Lake Park Improvement
09-73  ERP Server Purchase
09-74  Appointment of Additional Members to Parks Committee
09-75  Konica Minolta Copiers Lease
09-76  Grant for Bel Aire Sub-Basin $210.000
09-77  Lease of Suite 425
09-78  Pinnacle Investment Office Space Extend Lease
09-79  Corradino Group for Bel-Aire Sub-Basin 8
09-80  Kimley-Horn Engineering Services for Saga Bay Drainage Basin
09-81  Landscaping Services (Groundkeepers)
09-82  H&J Asphalt Roadway Improvements
09-83  C3TS Roadway Resurfacing
09-84  FDLE Grant
09-85  Stoplifting Program
09-86  Lakes by the Bay Park Conveyance
09-87  Approving Corzo Castella Carballo Thompson Salmon to provide Design and Engineering Services
09-88  Wren Group



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