Code Compliance FAQ

How do I report a violation?

There are several ways to report a violation. You can call the department at 305-234-4262 and ask to speak to the Code Compliance Records Clerk who will take the complaint over the phone. You can submit a compliant via our Online Citizen Request system or you can come to the Code Compliance office and submit a complaint with the Code Compliance Records Clerk.   

Who turned me in?

We receive complaints from a number of sources including internal referrals, outside agencies and the general public. We do not disclose the source of the complaints; that information is kept confidential. 

My neighbors have violations too. Why aren’t you investigating them?
If you suspect there is a code violation on another property, you may contact Code Compliance Division and provide this information. A case will be opened and investigated appropriately.  If a violation is found to exist, the owner will be contacted and required to remove the violation and/or obtain the necessary permits for the violation. 

What happens when a Code Compliance Officer finds a violation?

If a violation is noted, a courtesy warning will be given to the property owner of record, and in some cases the tenant, to advise them of the problem(s). A property owner is given a period of time to correct a violation. If the property owner does not correct the violation within the deadline given in the warning, the Code Compliance Officer will issue a citation. 

Is the Code Compliance Division required to give warnings? 

No, warnings are provided primarily as a courtesy to the property owner. 

Does the Town of Cutler Bay ever correct or “abate” the violation?

If a nuisance or life safety violation exists, the Town may correct the violation. Three examples of when the Town may consider correcting the violation is an overgrown lot, an unsecured swimming pool or an unsecured building providing an attractive nuisance. If the Town corrects the violation, liens are placed against the property for the costs associated with the correction.