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Miami-Dade Police Department

The Miami-Dade Police Department is contracted by the Town of Cutler Bay for policing services. The MDPD initiative is to keep you and your neighborhood safe. For more information on the services provided by the MDPD, please visit

Crime Mapping

The Town and Miami-Dade Police Department utilize CrimeMapping to help law enforcement provide the public with valuable information about recent crime activity in their neighborhoods. Crime data is uploaded on a daily basis so that the information being viewed by residents is only a few days old.

To view crime trends in your neighborhood, please visit



Community on Patrol (COP) App

The Town and Miami-Dade Police Department offer the Community on Patrol (COP) App to allow the residents of Miami-Dade to be on patrol in their neighborhoods and report any suspicious activity to the Town’s Policing Unit.

The COP App can be downloaded for free in the iTunes Store or Google Play by searching “Community on Patrol”




Nextdoor is a website that makes it easy to communicate with your neighbors about the issues that matter most in your community. The website allows neighbors to share recommendations about local services, organize neighborhood events and connect with parents and other groups in the neighborhood. The Town’s Policing Unit staff uploads neighborhood alters through Nextdoor. Nextdoor protects you, your information, and your neighborhood.

To join your Nextdoor neighborhood, please visit


File A Non-Emergency Report Online

The online citizen police report system allows you to submit a report immediately and print a copy of the police report for free. You can use this report to file with your insurance company. Only certain crimes and incidents are available for online reporting. For more information and to file a non-emergency report, please visit


Report Suspicious Activity

If an activity appears to be outside the norm or is frightening, let law enforcement officials know. It is your responsibility to watch our and report and it is the responsibility of law enforcement agencies to investigate and take further action. To report suspicious activity in your area, please visit


Police Public Records Requests

The Central Records Bureau coordinates all public records requests, maintains and distributes public records including Arrest Forms (Dade County only), and only MDPD Offense/Incident Reports and Florida Traffic Crash Reports. The Central Records Bureau is located within the Fred Taylor Building at the Miami-Dade Police Department Headquarters complex.

For more information on the Central Records Bureau and public records request, please visit


Commend An Officer

The Commend a Miami-Dade Police Officer is a way for you to let us know about the positive experiences you have had with any of our police employees. To inform the Miami-Dade Police Department about a positive experience you have had with an officer, please visit