Burglar Alarm

Burglar Alarm Registration



Does my alarm system have to be registered?

Residential, business or commercial alarm systems must be registered annually if they are monitored, or have interior/exterior indicators (flashing lights, sirens, etc.) that can be seen or heard outside of the alarmed location by others, causing the police to provide services.


How do I register my burglar alarm with the Town?

Complete and submit the registration form with the appropriate fee to the Town’s Finance Dept. (attach Form)


How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee is $25.00 in January and is reduced by two dollars ($2.00) each month thereafter.  The fee is not reduced, however, if an alarm system should have been registered as of January 1st but was not registered until later in the year.  The renewal fee is waived in all subsequent years upon renewing your alarm if you had no false alarms during the prior registration period.


What is the registration period for the burglar alarm?

The burglar alarm registration period is from Jan 1st through Dec 31st each year.


What happens if I don't register the alarm? 

You will be assessed the full registration fee of $25.00 .


What is a false alarm?

A false alarm is a signal from a burglar alarm system that elicits a response by the Town’s police dept. when no emergency or actual or threatened criminal activity requiring an immediate response including a signal activated by negligence, accident, mechanical failure, and electrical failure; signals activated intentionally in non- emergency situations; and signals which the actual cause is unknown.


What are the fees for false alarm violations?

              The 1st false alarm is no charge.

              The 2nd through the 4th false alarms are $100.00 per occurrence.

              The 5th and each additional false alarms are $200.00 per occurrence (through the end of the registration period).


How can I help prevent false alarms?

Make sure that you immediately report your false alarm to your alarm company so they can cancel with police dispatch prior to police arrival. Ensure that everyone in your household or business has been properly trained on your alarm system. Make sure your alarm system is in good working order and inspected periodically by your alarm company. 


What happens if I have no false alarm?

If there are no false alarm within the previous registration period the renewal fee is waived


When is an alarm signal not considered a false alarm?

When the alarm is activated based upon a reasonable belief that an emergency or actual or threatened criminal activity requiring immediate response existed.

The burglar alarm system was activated by lightning or an electrical surge that caused physical damage to

the system as evidenced by the testimony of a licensed Alarm Company who conducted an on-site inspection personally observed the damage to the system.

If the alarm user experience a power outage of four or more hours causing the alarm to activate upon restoration of power as evidenced by written documentation provided by utility company.


What is the process to dispute a false alarm violation?

A hearing before the Special Magistrate can be requested which will afford you the opportunity to explain your case.  Additional hearing costs may be assessed if you the Special Magistrate does not rule in your favor.






For the Town Burglar Alarm Registration ordinances click on the link below:

06-28 Burglar Alarms Ordinance
07-28 Burglar Alarms Amended
08-02 Burglar Alarms Amended
10-13 Burglar Alarms Amended






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