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Post-Hurricane Safety Tips & Information

Post Date:09/15/2017 3:40 PM

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Dear Cutler Bay Residents,

Our Team has been working diligently to keep you informed following the events of Hurricane Irma.


As we all continue our recovery efforts, this is a friendly reminder to prevent mosquito breeding by draining and covering any standing water in and around your homes.

Standing water and swimming pools at properties without power are prime locations for mosquito breeding. For additional information on prevention and additional precautions, please click here.


Although the tap water in Miami-Dade County is still safe to drink and we are not under a boil-water order, residents are reminded to use water as needed, and do not allow it to run.

Residents experiencing low water pressure, which may be caused by uprooted trees, are recommended to proactively boil their water prior to drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, washing dishes or making ice until their service is completely restored.


Residents are warned to steer clear from fallen electrical lines. Do not touch any fallen or low-hanging wires under any circumstances. Do not cut any trees or tree limbs that are close to or touching power lines. Residents are to treat all power lines as live, and report fallen or low-hanging lines to FPL immediately at 1 (800) 468-8243.

On the roads, residents are being reminded to stay alert and avoid texting and driving at all costs. Traffic lights and intersections without power should be treated as four-way stops.

All residents are advised to keep all lights and appliance switches set to "off" and/or unplugged until power in their neighborhoods is restored. This will avoid power system overloads that may further delay electrical service.

Please continue to be patient; FPL is in the process of restoring service to the entire eastern coverage area as quickly as possible. For information and updates on the power in your area, please use the FPL Power Tracker by clicking here.


Residents are reminded to never use a generator indoors or in any enclosed/partially enclosed area. Ventilated areas, open doors, open windows or fans will not prevent carbon monoxide build-up in your home. Carbon monoxide fumes emitted from the generator are produced quickly and at high levels, cannot be seen or smelled and are extremely toxic, even lethal.

Generators should be used and grounded according to the manufacturers instructions provided in the user manual. Units should be placed outdoors on a dry surface, away from doors, windows, vents and air conditioning equipment that could allow carbon monoxide to enter your home.

Do not connect your generator directly to the wiring system of your home. This is a fire hazard and poses a risk to FPL personnel attempting to restore power to your neighborhood.

Charcoal and gas grills should not be burned or used inside a house, garage, vehicle, tent or fireplace. If you or a loved one begins to feel sick, dizzy or week while using a generator - get to fresh air immediately and contact the Florida Poison Information Center at 1 (800) 222-1222. If the victim has collapsed or is not breathing, call 911 immediately.


Floridians are no strangers to heat and following the events of Hurricane Irma and the unfortunate loss of power, residents are being encouraged to keep cool and hydrated by drinking plenty of cool fluids throughout the day.

Avoid dehydration and prevent the worsening of heat-related illnesses by steering clear from drinks that contain caffeine, alcohol or high sugar content. Stay in cool, well-ventilated areas and limit outdoor activities that may result in excess perspiration and increased body heat.

Keep pets and animals safe from the heat by providing them with plenty of fresh water and in a cool, shaded and well-ventilated area.

If residents must exercise, they are advised to remain hydrated by drinking 2-4 glasses of cool, non-alcoholic fluids each hour and wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing. Sports drinks can replace the salt and minerals lost in sweat.

Cutler Ridge Park and Pool is open from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM today (Friday, September 15th) and Noon to 5:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday. Pool admission is free.

Never leave anyone in a closed, parked vehicle, not even pets - even with the engine running. Check frequently on the elderly, young children, pets and others at higher risk for heat-related illnesses.

If you start to feel muscle cramps, extreme thirst, confusion, fainting or unconsciousness, nausea, vomiting, rapid strong pulse, rapid shallow breathing and extremely high body temperature (above 103 degrees Fahrenheit), call 911 immediately.

The safety and welfare of our residents is of utmost importance. The Town requests that you remain patient with the continued recovery and restoration process throughout the Town. Please continue to monitor Town eNotifications and the Latest News section of our Town website.

Thank you.

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