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Town Departmental Recovery Efforts

Post Date:09/08/2017 4:00 PM

Dear Cutler Bay Residents,

Our Team has been working diligently to keep you informed following the events of Hurricane Irma. Below please find the latest departmental recovery updates as of today, September 13, 2017:


  • Town Hall Offices will be closed on Thursday, September 14, 2017.
  • Miami-Dade County curfew lifted as of Tuesday, September 12, 2017.
  • Patrol local neighborhoods to assess damages, reinforce Town's presence and make contact with residents.
  • Advise residents working outdoors to pile yard trash on swale area and/or cul-de-sac.
  • Assess Town-owned trees blocking sidewalks to be cleared by the Town.
  • Town Police Officers on alternating Alpha/Bravo shifts.
  • FEMA Assistance documentation and information distribution to residents and business owners.
  • Due to the current state of our telecommunications system, phone lines and email are still down, please monitor your eNotifications and the Town's website for up-to-date information or contact the Town Council Hotline at (305) 234-3525.


  • The Town's Public Works Staff have been working vigorously with Town Contractors and Miami-Dade County to prioritize and clear blocked streets and sidewalks.
  • Identifying and recovering down and/or missing street signage.
  • Erecting fallen street signage, especially stop signs, has been tasked as high priority.
  • Assist in the recovery and restoration efforts of Town parks (Cutler Ridge Park and Pool, Saga Bay Park and Saga Lake Park).
  • Whenever and wherever possible save trees via re-staking.


  • Continue structural restoration efforts.
  • Monitor emergency generator fuel levels.
  • Facilitate FPL power restoration to Town Hall Building.
  • Monitor doorway access points.


  • Survey canal/waterways/ditches/ponds for debris.
  • Categorize all down and/or missing street signage (down, damaged beyond repair, missing)
  • Expedite removal of all trees blocking roadways using maps via collaboration with Public Works Staff and Town Contractors.
  • Coordinate with Building Official for expedited permitting process.
  • Anticipate the most repairs or replacements of damaged fences.
  • Continue informing residents of pool safety and Zika precautionary measures via door-to-door visits.
  • Coordinate with Town Contractor for additional inspectors / post recovery coverage for increase in zoning/permitting.
  • Note top questions from residents for Town Council Hotline response.
  • Provide updates during briefings of status of canal and street sign assessments.


  • Continue website posts/blasts and other community updates as needed.
  • Continue working with Town IT Contractor for restoration of telecommunications system.
  • Establish Town Council Hotline at Town Hall.
  • Provide Town Council with necessary information and forms for Hotline management.
  • Website post/blast Town Council Hotline information.
  • Provide Department Heads and essential personnel with Emergency Daily Activity Record Forms for Town Staff hours and activity tracking.
  • Work closely with the Town Manager to disseminate pertinent information to Senior Management Team and essential personnel.
  • All Town Staff are required to wear high visibility jackets, uniform polos and Town Staff ID badges.


  • Franjo Park complete lock down including perimeter fence and interior locks.
  • Opening of priority parks - Cutler Ridge Park and Pool, Saga Bay Park and Saga Lake Park.
  • Recovery and restoration of Bel-Aire Park, Lakes by the Bay Park and Blue Heron Park.
  • Organize and plan for Park Staff support at Cutler Ridge Park and Pool, Saga Bay Park and Saga Lake Park.
  • Whenever and wherever possible save trees via re-staking.
  • Keep all athletic field lights on for visibility.
  • Goals: Open Cutler Ridge Park and Pool, Saga Bay Park and Saga Lake Park / Provide status of athletic lights / Provide status of pool pumps, etc.

Please continue to monitor eNotifications, the Town's website, local news stations and Miami-Dade County’s Emergency Website for the most up-to-date information regarding public services and recovery/restoration efforts. 

Friendly Reminder: The Town Council Hotline is (305) 234-3525 and will be receiving calls from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

It is a pleasure to serve the residents of Cutler Bay.  Please be safe.

Kind Regards,

Town of Cutler Bay

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